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LAG Ykkösakseli

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LAG Ykkösakseli is a Leader group that operates in Southern Finland, in the rural areas of Western Uusimaa and Southwest Finland.

Pleaase read our international brochure.

Ykkösakseli funds a wide variety of different kind of development projects. We offer our help for the local companies and associations with their development projects. Between the years 2007-2013 Ykkösakseli has funded around two hundred projects. We aim to fund at least same amount of projects in the next EU-funding period 2014-2020, which started in June 2015.

Our strategy “Lisää kierroksia!” leads our work and also determines which projects get funded. Our strategy is increasingly going towards internationalization. So far Ykkösakseli has funded international projects in Ireland and Estonia. Ykkösakseli wishes international cooperation especially from the LAGs that identify with our challenges.

With the funded projects we aim for an active, inspiring and attractive countryside. We want to develop our region to be both economically and socially sustainable. We wish to exchange experiences, culture and contacts internationally. Please be in contact with us if you have an idea you wish to implement. We are happy to discuss about new ways of doing things together and developing the countryside.

The area is characterized by two big cities, Helsinki and Turku. The central location between two big cities affect strongly the countryside where Ykkösakseli operates. The services might run into the bigger cities, however countryside that has a quick access to cities attracts families to move here. In the recent years the area has been and is still in a process of big changes, smaller municipalities have joined into bigger units. In this area there is also a large amount of part-time residents. The constantly changing population and the disappearance of the boarders of old municipalities have an effect on the sense of local identity.

Please, be in contact with us (toimisto (a) ykkosakseli.fi) if you wish to hear more about us.